Department of Film Studies

Department of Film Studies

The department of Film Studies was introduced in the year 1996 – 1997 in Berhampore College.

By that time it was a new subject. It is a part of mass media and it got recognition in the academic world. Introduction of this subject created a same sensation in the society. Initially department had fifty seats for the students. Latter on keeping an eye on the number of applications this department increased its number of seats.

Our students got established in society after having completed their studies in this subject. We feel proud when we come to know that our students who got establish in society are now opening the doors of opportunities for employment and research project for the new comers.

In this department the students arrange the wall magazine and also participate in departmental seminar. After getting full cooperation from the students and the teachers, today the department is enriched.


Sri Atanu Banerjee

State Aided College Teacher