Co-curricular Courses

Co-curricular Courses

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)

In the CBCS curriculum, implemented in the session 2018-2019, the Ability

Enhancement Compulsory Courses are listed below:

  1. AECC-T-01: Environmental Studies
  2. AECC-T-02: English/ Modern Indian Language

List of Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)

  1. Computer Graphics/ Logic and Sets
  2. Operating System (Linux)/ Graph Theory
  4. Understanding heritage. Art & Architecture of India
  5. Sports and society in India in historical perspective
  6. The Bengal music
  7. Studies in electronics communication system
  8. Programming in C
  9. Democratic awareness with legal literacy
  10. Legislative practices and procedures
  11. Public opinion and survey research
  12. English language teaching
  13. Soft skill
  14. Computer application
  15. Remote sensing and GIS
  16. Logic and rules and fallacies (Indian)
  17. Financial economics
  18. Statistical tools for data analysis
  19. E-commerce and computer applications in business