Department of Bengali

Department of Bengali

Berhampore college , originally Raja Krishnanath College of Commerce, was established in 1963 exclusively with Commerce stream. The college was duly affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Since its inception Bengali is being taught as a compulsory teaching subject specially designed in the syllabi for the commerce students. One post of lecturer in Bengali was also granted by the Govt. The post was and is being held by permanent lecturer.

In 1971-72 the college being granted permission by the Calcutta University opened B.A at General level with Bengali as one of the regular subjects to be taught. One more permanent post of lecturer was also sanctioned by the Govt.

In 1987-88 the Department of Bengali, on recommendation of the Calcutta University, was upgraded by the Govt. from general level to Honours level with one more permanent post of lecturer (3rd post). Since then the department has been instructing both at General and Honours level.

At present the department follows the syllabi as proposed by the present affiliating University i.e. the University of Kalyani. The syllabus is framed by the UG Board of studies and approved by the UG council of University of Kalyani.

Seat-capacity for the students in the dept. was initially 20 (twenty), and gradually it has been raised to 200 (two hundred approx.).

Approved full-time posts of Faculty members are three, approved part-time post of Faculty member is one and one guest lecturer is also in the Faculty.

The performance of the dept. viewed from results of the students appeared in the final examination is moderately satisfactory although most of the students are of average merit and even below at the time of their admission. Our members of the faculty are doing their best and our motto is “So much to do yet so little done – hurry up, hurry up, hurry up“. – (Jagadish Chandra Basu).


We try our best :

  1. To motivate the students to be an ideal man.
  2. To give a total academic air and environment in teaching and learning .
  3. To promote their thinking ability.


The department of Bengali like other departments enjoys no autonomy beyond of the college planning and University guidelines. The college has allotted to the department two separate room for honours students where teaching and learning are conducted. All classes of all sections are generally well adjusted in the college routine but sometimes department frame special class-routine or verbally declare to facilitate extra classes required for completion of syllabus with period of time.

Departmental Meeting

Meeting are held in regular intervals for smart functioning of the deptt. Minute Book is maintained by the dept. Department has no separate library. But there are separate Book-cases for departmental books. Our library is moderately rich with about ten thousands Books of which little over fifteen hundred are title Books. Original texts, published research works, primary source books and works of celebrated authors are formidable assets. Its journal part is poor, although some old and new journals bound in book-form are its possession.

Teachers perform duties , outside their classes , assigned to them by the college and University authorities. Duties are like – examination works including examining scripts, paper-setting, extension activities, sports and cultural activities etc. For updating themselves teachers attend libraries, seminars and other courses.

Students of this department participate in cultural activities of the college. They bring out wall magazine named ‘Didhiti` and try their potentiality on it .


  1. Prof. Nipendranath Bhattacharya, Gold Medallist, C.U. Afterwards Principal, Karimpore Pannadebi College, Nadia, and then after Principal, Kanailal Dutta College, Howrah, W.B.
  2. Prof. Renupada Das, afterwards Member of the Parliament (Lower House) Republic of India and one of the founders of Bethuadahari College, Nadia, W.B. (Honorary and Part time lecturer)
  3. Prof. Biman Roy, afterwards Principal Domjur College, Howrah, W.B.
  4. Prof. Angshu Bhattacharya, afterwards Principal, Khatra College, Birbhum, W.B
  5. Dr. Sunil Kumar Bishnu, Retired from this College on 1998.
  6. Prof. Kuntal Rudra , Now serving in Suri Girls` College , Birbhum, W.B.
  7. Prof. Madhumita Chacrabarty, Now serving in College, Kolkata, W.B.

Present Faculty Profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization:

Name Qualifications NET / SET / WBCSC Designation Specialization Years of Experience No. of Ph.D. students guided for the last 4 years
Gouri Ghosh M.A. Ph.D. WBCSC Associate Professor Comparative Literature 36 years NA
Moumita Ghosh M.A. , B. Ed. NET Associate Professor Linguistics 21 years NA
Sanchita Basu M.A. M. Phil NA State Aided College Teacher Pre-modern Bengali Literature 19 years NA
Emadul Ali M.A. , B.Ed.,M.Phil SET State Aided College Teacher Medieval Period 03 months NA


Dr. Gouri Ghosh

Associate Professor & HOD

Smt. Maumita Ghosh

Associate Professor

Dr. Tanuka Chowdhury

Assistant Professor

Sri Emadul Ali

State Aided College Teacher

Smt. Sanchita Basu

State Aided College Teacher