Students Support Programmes

College Library

The college library is situated at the upper story of the Boy's common room.

The general library is meant for the students and the staff of the college.

The college takes pride in a rich collection of books, classics as well as titles, on modern topics with national and global interest. Students can profitably use the helps of Books as and when required from the library's lending section against his/her library card. One student is allowed get one book at a time. The Honours students, however, can get more than one book. Moreover, the students can enjoy the facility of using open access library Reading Room enriched in Text and Reference Books of the latest edition, journal, Syllabi, Magazines, Question Papers and Daily Newspaper within Library hours. Books can normally be retained by the students for 15 days at a stretch.

In addition to these, poor and meritorious students can avail themselves of the facility of Student's Book Bank. Students are to collect library Card within one month from the date of admission from the librarians on production of their admission receipts. They must abide by the rules printed on the library cards.

Common Room

The Boy's common room is situated on the ground floor of the library room. It service as a recreation-cum-reading Room for the student of the college in their leisure hours. They may play indoor games, like Table Tennis, Carom etc.

Cycle Shed

Students are to keep their cycles in the college Cycle shed. In case of loss of token or keys a fine will be charged.

Computer Training Facility

The college in association with then Institute of Computer Engineers (India) provides for the Students Computer Training facility at a concessional rate. Details about it may be had from the office of the Computer Centre in the college premises.

Canteen Facility

Every Student can avail himself/herself of the facility of the cheap canteen provided by the college at subsidized rate during college hours.

Student's Health Home Facility

Every student of the college is the member of the Student's Health Home Unit of the college and is entitled to all kinds of medical facilities provided by the District Regional Centre of the Student's Health Home.

Students Multi-Gymnasium

The college authority has opened up Student's Gymnasium having financial assistance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of India and the Gymnasium building was constructed by the college at its own cost. Now, every student is entitled to take help of the Gym free of cost. Thus, the college authority looks after the Student's physical fitness providing necessary equipment's for this purpose.

Scholarships, Stipends and Concessions

Stipends are avail per rule of the Directorate of Public Instruction, West Bengal and Scheduled Cast and Tribe Welfare Officer. Besides these, the college authority disburses full and half free studentship among the Students of Degree Classes (Except SC and ST Students) on merit-cum-means basis.

Educational Excursion

The College organizes on regular basis Educational Excursion for the students.

Hostel Facility

The college provides accommodation to a few male students on merit-cum-necessity basis in the Student's Hostel (Sampriti) of the college. Riles and Regulations for admission to the College Hostel may be had from the Superintendent of the College Hostel.


The college has one N.C.C. unit which functions with proper mission and motivation.


The college has one N.S.S. unit which functions with proper mission and motivation.


The college has a Bratachari Unit which functions with proper mission and motivation and students from other institution can participate in it.