Fees Structure

College Fees

The academic year in a college starts in July and monthly tuition and laboratory fees (in cases of the laboratory-based subjects) are payable by every student for the period July to June during each session.

Full tuition and laboratory fees for the period July to December or as decided by the college authority must be paid in cash at the time of admission at the rates specified here under:


Admission Fee: (to be paid at the time of New Admission)



All degree students 

Rs. 40.00


Tuition Fees: (for 3years General and Honours Degree Course)



Arts General (excluding Sanskrit)  

Rs. 50.00 per month


Sanskrit (General)  

Rs. 50.00+75.00= Rs.125.00


Arts Honours (excluding Sanskrit)

Rs. 75.00 per month


Sanskrit Honours

Rs. 200.00 per month


Laboratory Charges for Honours and General (For Laboratory Based Subjects)




Rs. 25.00 per month


Accountancy (2nd year students)

Rs. 25.00 per month



Rs. 25.00 per month


Establishment of Mathematics Honours

Rs. 150.00 per month

1. Annual Development & Maintenance fees

Rs. 100.00

2. Annual Building Maintenance fees

Rs. 100.00

3. Session Charges :-



Electric fee

Rs. 120.00


Printing & Stationery, Examination & Others

Rs. 100.00


Extra Curricular fees

Rs. 40.00


Health Home

Rs. 10.00



Rs. 10.00


Cycle Stand

Rs. 15.00


Library fee

Rs. 35.00


Generator fee

Rs. 25.00


Identity Card

Rs. 10.00


Basanta Utsab

Rs. 30.00


Cost of Form (College)

Rs. 60.00


Student Fund



Union fee

Rs. 25.00


Magazine fee

Rs. 30.00


Gaines fee

Rs. 20.00


Annual Social

Rs. 70.00


Union Book Bank

Rs. 10.00


Poor Fund

Rs. 5.00


Sports and others fees (including Rs 30/- for KU)

Rs. 70.00


Gymnasium fees

Rs. 20.00