College Examination

Participation in all Examinations conducted by the college is compulsory. The results of the periodical tests along with those of Class Test/Test Examination will determine the eligibility of students for enrolment for the University Examination. Note that internal assessment marks will be awarded on the basis of above college examinations as per University rules.


Attendance at Lectures

Every student must attend all classes as held in different subjects and must meet the minimum requirements of the University in this regard.

As per requirement of the University a student of the Degree Course must attend at least 75% of classes held in each subject, for being considered Regular.

Promotion and permission to appear at the University examination are subject to satisfactory performance in different examinations conducted by the college, regular attendance at lectures, tutorials, practical's and fulfilment of other conditions as required by the University.



  • Even Student is expected to conduct himself/herself with 'dignity and maintain necessary decorum and decency in respect of dress and behavior. Due respect is to be paid not only to the teachers and staff of the college but also to the fellow students.
  • Students are to maintain Silence in the Library and while walking down the corridors (Specially when classes arc going on), they are also expected not to loiter or crowd in the corridors or stand talking there.
  • Students must be in their respective classes when the bell rings at the beginning of each class. They must not leave or enter the class without prior permission of the teacher concerned.
  • Students must not smoke or indulge in any boisterous activities within the college premises.
  • College property must be handled with care and respect.
  • Students must not write anything on the college walls, blackboard or the benches.
  • College will provide Identity Card duly endorsed by the Principal or his deputy. Identity Card is to be renewed in each academic session. Every student must be in possession of the identity card during college hours and must produce the same whenever required to do so. For loss of Identity Card a duplicate one may be issued on payment of Rs. Only.